What We Do

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Antonelli Baseball College Advisory is here to help guide student-athletes and their families through the college recruitment process and help them find the best possible college fit. We will give an objective assessment of each player’s ability and potential, to create a list of realistic school options given each player’s talent level, academic ability, and financial concerns. We then develop a game plan to grow each player’s physical, mental and academic skill set. We know what college coaches look for in high school athletes and understand how to develop players that college coaches want to recruit. We have expertise in developing each player’s performance both on and off the field by creating a specific training regimen.

As a former Division I college coach and recruiting coordinator, Matt knows how to create exposure by attending the correct tournaments, showcases, and college camps. He has firsthand knowledge as to which events attract the most, and more importantly, the RIGHT college coaches. ABCA will maximize your exposure while saving you both time and money. Showcases and college camps can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,000+ per session, causing many families to waste thousands of dollars attending events that will not advance their son in the recruiting process. We will plan your summer and fall so you are maximizing your time, energy and money.

The college recruitment timeline can be complicated. We establish a recruiting calendar for each player so he will know exactly what to do and when to do it. When the time comes, ABCA will communicate with colleges that represent the right fit for each athlete. We guide our student-athletes to construct emails that will grab a coach’s attention and also teach them how to articulate and represent themselves professionally. We will interpret communication and assess the level of interest from college coaches. We will then determine what is legitimate interest and what is not, so you can narrow down your school choices and not waste valuable time focusing on schools that are not truly interested.

These are only a handful of aspects that make up the college recruiting process. ABCA is experienced in helping you navigate ALL aspects of the recruiting process. If you are interested in learning more, please email Matt Antonelli at matt@antonellibaseball.com.