What parents are saying about Matt Antonelli and Antonelli Baseball


“My son has been passionate about baseball since he was a toddler and has been working with Matt since he was 12yrs old (he’s 18 now). I wanted someone who could work with my son on all aspects of his game. More importantly, since I knew my son would be spending a considerable amount of time in the company of whomever I chose, I was determined to find someone who was not only a good “baseball guy” but would also be a good personal role model. Matt is extraordinary on both counts!

As a baseball guy, they don’t get much better than Matt. As a 1st round selection in the MLB draft, a Wake Forest grad and a phenomenal 3 sport high school athlete, Matt has all the credentials to provide top level training. After watching Matt work with my son, I was even more impressed by his teaching style. He is calm, firm, positive and always encouraging. He has an innate ability to quickly assess a player’s strengths and weaknesses and formulate the most effective way to teach the individual he’s working with. It’s not a one size fits all approach. Matt always incorporates video analysis in his training which makes the learning process quicker with better retention for the player. I have always been thoroughly impressed with the way Matt is a “student of the game”. Some with Matt’s athletic pedigree may be content to just teach the way they were taught, never seeking out new and improved methods and techniques. Not Matt, he is constantly educating himself on what is new in baseball development, whether it be the science behind the most effective hitting mechanics or new ways to teach fielding or throwing. Matt realizes that new and potentially better teaching methods are constantly emerging and he enthusiastically keeps himself up to date on all things baseball which greatly benefits his players.

Lastly, but most importantly to any parent wanting the best for their child, Matt is one of the most decent young men I have ever had the pleasure to meet. When my son spends a few hours working out with Matt, I know he is spending time with a man I would be proud to have him emulate. Matt is an honest, kind, hardworking family man. I’ve never heard him make a derogatory comment about anyone and he is always upbeat and positive. Matt has helped my son develop into a solid player (high school captain and committed to college to play ball) but more importantly he has shown him how a talented and successful adult can still be humble, hardworking and clean living. Choosing Matt to work with you child will be one of the best decisions you make!” 

– Len Spada

“In supporting our son Jake’s aspirations to continue playing baseball in high school and college, we began looking for a top quality baseball program. We wanted to find a program that could get Jake to where he wants to play. There were plenty of programs to choose from, but most came across as being too focused on winning trophies. It wasn’t until we met with Matt Antonelli, and learned more about his program, that we knew we had found the best environment for our son.  In short time, Matt has really taken his program to the next level, and far exceeded our expectations of training, teaching, and developing Jake into a true ballplayer. His baseball skills have improved immensely from year to year up to now as a freshman playing varsity high school baseball.  For any player that wants to pursue his passion for playing baseball, this is the program you need to be involved with. This is truly a first class baseball program that does things the right way.”

– Joy and Jim Gustin

“My son was getting decent results at the plate, but I could see with my own eyes that he was just not mechanically sound. The fact is, good results with a bad approach cannot last for a kid who’d like to go on and play in college. So we went to Matt seeking two things: 1. An analysis of what was wrong; 2. Instruction, drills, and exercises on how to fix it. Matt delivered both beyond our wildest dreams! No tricks or gimmicks. And most importantly, NOT a one-size-fits all approach. You could not possibly have a more personalized lesson than Matt gives. He starts where the player is at, then takes him to a higher level. That’s great coaching.

I feel truly blessed by this, but I came across Matt’s videos on YouTube. After watching one, and then another, and another, and so on, it became very clear to me that he wasn’t a snake oil salesman or some self-proclaimed expert. I knew enough to know that this guy was legit, and that was before I knew anything about him or his accomplishments in the sport. I wrote to him and asked if he could do a video analysis of my son (then 12). It was super-simple to do, and what we got back was not only everything Matt had promised, but more! I honestly couldn’t believe it. I think my son and I have watched and re-watched that analysis over ten times!

He’s just incredibly knowledgeable and crystal clear in his coaching. Matt’s not trying to sell you HIS theory. He’s showing you how the greatest players in the world are getting the results they get. And the best thing is that Matt doesn’t make it about him. I cannot emphasize this enough. He makes it 100% about the player.

We live 2.5 hours from Matt’s facility. We’ve done two video analyses and two in-person sessions. That’s 5 hours in the car (round trip) for one hour of coaching—and it’s worth every second! My son loves it. Every time my son works with Matt, he gets better. What more can you ask from a coach? The last time we went to him, we had one question. He answered it immediately. Matt just saw instantly what the issue was. My son and I would have paid him just for the answer he gave us in the first two minutes. The rest of the lesson was icing on the cake!

Matt delivers crystal clear coaching based on facts, not opinions. In a very calm, matter-of-fact manner, he wipes away all the myths and misunderstandings that so often plague baseball instruction.

There’s just no debate. If I had a friend who was on the fence about bringing his son to Matt, I would honestly pay for the lesson myself, and if they weren’t happy with what they got, it would be on me.”

– Stephen Strager

“From the very first time I saw Matt Antonelli as a student athlete at St. John’s Prep, I observed an athlete who was unselfish , modest and the made his teammates around him better regardless of his success on and off the field. As an outstanding high school baseball player, All American at Wake Forest, and First Round draft pick with San Diego Padres, Matt has excelled at every level as a result of his hard work, dedication and his preparation of becoming the best at his position.

Currently, as Founder and Director of Antonelli Baseball, he helps prepare and mentor young baseball players in becoming the best that they can be. For those parents who are currently evaluating travel baseball programs, look no further. Matt is an outstanding coach because he has the ability to get his players to believe in themselves. Good coaches inspire their players to do more than they can. He is not only an outstanding Baseball Coach but an outstanding Life Coach! Matt does not just teach skills, technique and strategy of the game, but helps his baseball players look for opportunities on how to handle setbacks and failures and rebound positively from them. Matt understands that there are individual differences in his players as athletes. A great coach has the ability to learn more about his players as a person and Matt understands the importance of these qualities as a Coach.

Matt is an outstanding communicator. He understands communication is a two way street between Coach and Player and understands that effective communication is to listen to what your players are saying. Matt is very passionate about Antonelli Baseball. His passion is infectious and inspiring. Antonelli Baseball has grown to be a formidable baseball program with an outstanding reputation both locally and nationally. When the last pitch is thrown in the bottom of the ninth inning, Coach Matt Antonelli is assessing team results, player results and communicating with his players and parents on how to help his players succeed to the next level and setting realistic expectations both at the High School and College Level.


– John L. Goulos  

“We sought Matt out for hitting work for our son just after he turned 13, just as he was beginning an intense summer team program. After many years of different coaching styles and conflicting training techniques, his swing was a bit of a mess. We knew he had good habits and some bad ones, but we were having a hard time telling the difference. We were most concerned with the fact that our son was a big kid who didn’t seem to hit big. Matt’s YouTube presence had gotten the attention of some friends in another state who suggested we get in touch with him. Having had very little luck with the “retail” coaches in the area, we gave him a call and have never looked back. Matt is not “some guy at a hitting cage” who knows a few things about hitting, nor is he an AAU coach who tries hard but doesn’t really have the communications skills – he’s a player with real-life experience in college and MLB, and as a college coach after that. He has “hung with the best,” trading ideas and learning techniques from them, and can’t wait to share it with his students. Matt caught some issues right away and gave our son some simple tweaks and got him excited about hitting in a new way. Matt’s influence and coaching paid off quickly – he became a leading contributor to his summer team lineup, including numerous home runs and doubles.

We lost touch with Matt for most of the next two years as his own pursuits led him out of our area, and to be honest, these were difficult hitting years for our son. We got together with other coaches on occasion, but never with any results other than getting in some cage time. Matt’s full-time return to the Boston area has allowed us to pursue weekly lessons and a genuine “winter workout” approach that is creating a very enthusiastic athlete, more ready than ever to attack the ball in the spring. I would call it the ‘click’ factor. Sometimes you know when what you’re hearing and seeing are in sync – both words from the coach and the results in your son’s swing. In our case, this was clear from the start. I have often found a “vaguely disinterested” factor present in many coaches, but not Matt. Matt is the guy whose having more fun in the cage than the player is, and it’s contagious. Matt is a hitting junkie – he’s a student of the game, a student of the pro players and what they do out there every day, every season. He will search out video clips to show his students techniques. He will take videos of his students and compare and contrast and share those results with other students who are wrestling with the same problems. It’s all very effective.

What’s awesome about Matt is his very down-to-earth sensibility…we all know ‘that guy’ who played two games and promotes himself like he was a six-time All Star. That’s not Matt. He did play two pro games, I think! But he’d never tell you about it unless you ask. Matt is the rare baseball scientist who watches and sees, tests and probes, and then makes clear and understandable suggestions to his students that create dramatic results over time. Matt knows that two or three lessons won’t solve your child’s problems or build his future, but you’ll be amazed with what he can do in those two or three lessons. Matt is also the kind of coach who is deeply concerned with the individual, and finding what works for him. Fundamental aspects of a good swing are consistent, but Matt also knows that people vary greatly in many ways, all of which are important. And finally, while Matt does run his own program (and you should ask him about it) he is unbiased and independent in every way.”

– Phil Schroeder

“I first brought my son Colin to Matt when he was 10 years old.  Two years later as a twelve year old he hit a total of 33 home runs between Little League  and AAU.  Matt has an obvious passion for teaching baseball and when combined with his background in pro ball I believe you won’t find a better instructor.  He has a strong ability to connect with young players and with his experience, extensive use of video instruction, and  vast baseball knowledge, I would highly recommend Matt to any player or parent looking for quality baseball instruction.”

– Bill Fahey

“Both my son and daughter have greatly benefited from Matt’s instruction, passion and knowledge of the game.  My son first found Matt on social media and reached out to Matt for pitching and hitting lessons.  Matt quickly responded and was willing and flexible to start pitching and hitting lessons for my son. It was obvious from our first meeting and lesson with Matt that he was the finest and most qualified instructor we have encountered at any level of baseball (and softball).  Matt has a unique ability and caring that is refreshing.  We have been involved with various AAU baseball, and softball, organizations for many years but we were so thankful to have found and met Matt. After only the first lesson, my son was pitching with the correct mechanics and a new enthusiasm for the game.  Matt’s video taping, commenting and use of technology to identify issues and clearly show the proper pitching and hitting methods made all the difference.  My son became a monster power hitter and added 7 MPH to his fastball.  His curveball and change-up also greatly improved. Matt’s teaching proper hitting to my daughter, for softball, also made her into a power hitter. Most importantly, Matt’s first hand MLB experience and knowledge of the game combined with his passion to teach others the proper way to hit, pitch and field as well as his approach to the game makes Matt the benchmark to which other baseball/softball instructors and coaches should be measured.  Thank you Matt!!!”

– David Catalanotto

What players are saying:

“He has so many connections and knows all the coaches in the Northeast,” Stevens said of Antonelli. “Coach Antonelli recommended me, and Merrimack extended an invitation to their indoor facility for a workout. After seeing me, they offered an athletic scholarship. My parents are delighted because they want to watch me play in college, and they won’t have far to travel for home games.” (Salem Evening News)

– Dylan Stevens (Committed to Merrimack College)

It’s been a baseball-filled summer for Gustin, who helped the Northeast squad win the gold medal in the Bay State Games last week. This week, he’s in Fort Myers, Fla. playing in the Perfect Game 16U Nationals with his Antonelli Baseball travel squad. Gustin has been playing for Peabody native and ex-Major League Matt Antonelli for a few years and has learned a ton about hitting from the St. John’s Prep Hall of Famer.

“He’s been a huge role model for me,” Gustin said of Antonelli. “If I’m in a slump, I’ll call and he’ll always throw some BP or find whatever’s going on in my swing and fix it right away.” (Salem Evening News)

– Jake Gustin (Committed to Bryant University)

“Palma pointed to their mentors for preparing them for the spotlight, “Me and Jake (Gustin) play for the same travel team (Antonelli Baseball), we don’t ever stop playing baseball. Matt Antonelli, Jack Antonelli they get us prepared. We’ve been working with them for two or three years now and they know what they’re doing.” (Tanner Times)

– Nick Palma