Details & Package Info

We work with each individual prospective student-athlete to tailor a program specific to his needs in navigating the recruiting process. All Antonelli Baseball College Advisory clients receive the following:

  • Skill Evaluation Session – Each student-athlete will receive a one-hour evaluation workout where we will assess the player’s skill level and potential. We will provide an objective and honest assessment of the player’s strengths and weaknesses. The student-athlete will be graded and presented with a written evaluation, the same evaluation college coaches use for prospective student-athletes during the recruiting process.
  • Student-Athlete & Parent Meeting – We will meet with the player, his family, and any other individuals that will play a role in the college decision process. This will enable us to gather more information on the desires and aspirations of the student-athlete and his family. We will review all academic information, including high school transcripts (GPA, class schedule, school rank, school profile) and test scores. We use this information, in conjunction with our skill evaluation, to create a list of reach, realistic, and safety schools.
  • Development Strategy – We craft an individual plan for each student-athlete to help improve weaknesses (athletic, strength and conditioning, etc.) and prepare each player to peak during the heart of the recruiting timeline.
  • Recruiting Plan / Timeline – We will create a timeline detailing what each student-athlete should be doing at all times of the year to put him in the best possible position to be recruited. Is this the best time of year to be sending out emails and making phone calls to coaches? Building speed and strength in the weight room? Working on your baseball skill set? Playing in showcases? Our players will know what they should be doing at all times. We will generate a list of showcase and tournament opportunities that will lead to the maximum amount of exposure by the RIGHT college coaches.
  • Recruiting Video – We will create and edit a recruiting video that showcases exactly what college coaches want to see. Each player will be instructed on the best mechanics to use while fielding, hitting, throwing, etc. to ensure he is showcasing himself properly and is using the mechanics and techniques sought after in top high school athletes.
  • Communication – We serve as an intermediary between our prospective student-athlete and each college coach. We teach how to construct an email that will grab a coach’s attention and then review further email communication between our athlete and coach. We will provide a support system to guide each student-athelete through telephone, email, text messages, and in-person communication. We will consistently communicate with coaches on behalf of our student-athletes, continuously updating them on how our players are progressing, where they will be playing (games, tournaments and showcases), and answer any and all questions.
  • Recruiting Advice – ABCA is here to guide each student-athlete through the recruiting process and make it an enjoyable experience. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns that arise throughout the recruiting process, such as how each school’s Academic Index works, how the Early-Read Process is conducted, what constitutes and takes place during Unofficial and Official visits, the role parents should take in the recruiting process, and much more!

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