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Antonelli Baseball has been giving private baseball lessons in the state of Massachusetts for over ten years. After receiving numerous e-mails from players all over the country asking if we could help them improve their skills as hitters, pitchers, and fielders, we decided to create an online coaching program for both players and parents who cannot travel to our facility.

We analyze and compare your skills side by side with many of the top Major League hitters, pitchers, and fielders in the game. We will then break down and diagnose your mechanical faults and explain how you can fix them. We will provide you with specific drills that will help reinforce the proper mechanics. We will teach you everything you need to know so you can become your own hitting, pitching, or fielding coach, so the next time you find yourself in a slump or a funk, you will be better prepared to get yourself back on track.


Do you feel you are capable of throwing 5-10 mph harder? Are you striking out more than usual? Are you hitting the ball consistently off the handle or end of the bat and getting jammed more than you should be?

The truth is your current mechanics are probably getting in your way of being successful. You need to learn the mechanics that allow Major League pitchers to throw 90+ mph and repeat their delivery time after time, or that allow big league hitters to consistently get the sweet spot of the bat to the ball and possess the power to hit 400+ foot home runs.

Pitchers around the country have been instructed to use incorrect techniques like “break your hands early”, “collect your balance over the rubber,” “move slow and controlled down the mound”, etc. Hitters have been incorrectly taught to “stay back”, “squish the bug”, “swing down”, and “get extended at the point of contact”. These are not the mechanics that Major League pitchers and hitters display, yet these are what many of the coaches around the country from the Little League level all the way up through the college level are teaching their players.

If you want to reach your full potential, you need to learn proper mechanics. Our coaches have played in the Major Leagues and coached at the Division 1 college level, and we will teach you all of our core principles that we’ve learned over the years.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using our online coaching program:

  • Learn the correct mechanics that make Major League players the best in the world
  • Learn how to effectively and correctly make mechanical adjustments
  • Ensure you do not get into bad habits that will be extremely difficult to change
  • Identify specific mechanical problems that are reducing pitching velocity and control, bat speed, creating an incorrect swing plane, or causing fielding errors
  • Enhance your opportunity to play in high school, college, and professionally

Here’s What You Do

Upload a video of yourself or your son or daughter performing the activity that you would like reviewed, whether it be hitting, pitching, or fielding. If the player is hitting we would like the video to be shot at full intensity from two angles, the side or chest angle and either the catcher’s angle or pitcher’s angle. The video can be from a game or batting practice.

IMG_1538 IMG_1539

If the player is pitching we would like the film shot at full intensity from two angles. The video can be from a game or a bullpen, but it must be shot pitching at full speed. We would like the angles to be the side or chest angle and from the catcher’s angle.



If the player is fielding we would like the film to be shot from the chest angle and include a ground ball hit directly at the fielder, to their backhand, and to their forehand side. Double play turns may also be included.


Send the video to us at along with a brief written summery of any goals you want to achieve, problems that are readily apparent, or any other general inquiries. Once you submit your order and video, we will review the order within seven working days and produce a full professional analysis.  We will then send you a link of our analysis, where you will be able to view our full motion video with audio feedback analysis and instructions for improvement. You can access the analysis page as often as you’d like to watch the video. You can also send the link to whomever you would like to also view your analysis.

Video Analysis Investment

Grand Slam Video Analysis Lesson – The Grand Slam package includes voice over instruction with side-by-side comparison to a Major League player and specific drills the player should perform for just $99.

Home Run Video Analysis Lesson – The Home Run package includes voice over instruction with side-by-side comparison to a Major League player for just $49.

Follow-Up Analysis Lesson – A follow-up analysis is available to compare one session to the next so you can monitor your progress and see your improvements for just $29.

We look forward to working with you!

Thank you,

Matt Antonelli

Antonelli Baseball

Online Video Analysis Lesson