All our clients at Antonelli Baseball receive individualized programs based on the results of an initial individual assessment, as well as periodic progress checks where we establish and measure your strengths and weaknesses. Our clients are then instructed in a one-on-one or small group setting where they will learn, succeed, and of course have a lot of fun. You will not find a more enthusiastic or driven staff in the baseball industry.

Become a more explosive and efficient pitcher, a more powerful and effective hitter, and a more precise and accurate fielder with the help of our professional staff and motion analysis software.  All of our players deliveries, swings, and mechanics are captured by our software and compared side-by-side with the best pitchers, hitters, and fielders in Major League Baseball. Each player will then receive a recording of the analysis so they can continue improving while away from our staff.

Our lessons are done at Extra Innings in Middleton, Massachusetts.

Lessons: Pitching, Catching, Hitting, Fielding, Throwing

One-on-One Private Lesson

One Hour – $80

5 Pack – $350

*** Antonelli Baseball Player One Hour – $70 ***

To sign up for a lesson, go to our contact page and email us.