Our Program

Welcome to Antonelli Baseball

Our program was founded and developed by Matt Antonelli, former Major League baseball player, first round draft pick of the San Diego Padres, and Division 1 college coach.  We are a team of highly skilled and experienced former college and professional players that is dedicated to the development of young baseball players both on and off the field. It is our mission to provide each player with the optimal opportunity to reach his full potential and advance to the next level.

Antonelli Baseball is one UNIFIED program where instruction is consistent throughout the organization, from team to team from the top down. Our elite program is modeled after college and professional organizations, with an emphasis on teamwork, discipline, and development. We have created a system that works and will teach every player the correct way to play the game of baseball while improving their skills. Our players will be far more prepared, both physically and mentally, than the competition.

Our coaching staff has only professional and college experience and take pride in our extensive baseball knowledge. Our coaches know exactly what it takes to develop exceptional players. We’ve created an advanced developmental program by incorporating elements learned in both college and professional organizations. Our coaches work hard to instruct and develop players in the way that is expected at the collegiate level.

We believe that a highly competitive atmosphere is extremely beneficial to player growth and development.  Elite competition will play a large role in the development of our players. Our schedule will be one of the most competitive and challenging in the northeast. To be the best, you must compete with the best and against the best.

Our older players will be placed in front of college coaches and professional scouts to showcase their talents and further their baseball careers. This platform will help our athletes earn roster spots and college scholarships.

We strive to inspire our players to dream big. We strongly encourage them to put in the necessary work needed to get from where they are to where they want to be.